Quicker, smoother, better by going the long way?

“The straight line isn’t always the nicest.”

The Nib

If you want to get from where you are to where you want to be, you take the straight line

Moving the straight line or route seems quickest and most effortless. It’s a synonym for setting goals, for planning and for reaching goals.

Life shows that it’s also where you find the most roadblocks and obstacles. This route is gained by struggle, costing you a lot of energy and robbing you the motivation to go on for the next big thing.

A drastic example: Take any city map, set a start and an end point that are a mile orĀ  km apart, draw a straight line with a ruler and check whether you would take that line to get there. I bet my scalp you wouldn’t.

The better way that will bring you there

Most of the time the smoothest way is longer and often completely out of direction, but it requires much less effort and it provides the lovely scenery, the meetings with people and all the circumstances that opportunity and coincidence need to jump at you. Furthermore is it the source for fun and it motivates you to set the next goal.

Does it take longer?

It may take a bit more time to reach your goal. But all the while you traveled there you gained untouchable assets. These assets set you up to reach far bigger things beyond that point, thus accelerating your accomplishments over a lifetime. Plus the chance to reach that initial goal at all are much higher.

To be honest if you see the hard way through, you get a lot of rewards too. If…

  • if you follow through
  • if you reach that goal
  • if you are able to get joy and happiness from the process
  • if you move on beyond that point

else you’re fu##ed hurting your future performance.

The way of the master

Let go of that false feeling of control that you get from moving straight at your goal.

This control reduces the way you use your conscious and subconscious and superconscious abilities.

The goal will be waiting for you whether you see it or not.

This is the way of the master for it means to trust the river of life instead.

Let it flow


PS: Remember, without a goal you are bound to get anywhere and nowhere in particular, you’re lost, you get lived. So set goals and be determined to get there, do what is necessary, but be flexible about the way. Follow joy.

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