Don’t do it

I’m serious. Don’t do it, act it.

What’s that about?

Try to look at it that way: If you do, YOU do. But if you act, you can let a true master do it.

For example:

If you write, YOU write. And if you act, you can have Shakespeare do your writing or Homer Simpson.

If you do a photograph of your spouse, YOU do it. If you act, you can let Annie Leibovitz do it. Yes, sure, exactly as good as you can ACT it.

Can you borrow a genius?

This method is called the “Borrowed Genius”. This technique is thoroughly tested and made available to the public by Win Wenger.

Win Wenger¬† is a world wide renowned expert on improving everybody’s brain and mind abilities. He has done a lot of research on these topics and formed a ton of thinking tools to achieve this. Best is he shares most of them for free on (To be specific: Borrowed Genius Technique)

Whenever Win is asked to¬† give a few methods to quickly and profoundly improve one’s skills, he mentions the Borrowed Genius and Image Streaming (more on that in an other post). Both techniques are so powerful that they made it into Win Wengers books and courses: “The Einstein Factor” and “The Genius Code”.

Beware! Quit “Why?”

Quit the “Why?” question and further research and immediately give it a go.

Grab a recording device and record how you sing a song (a few lines are sufficient). Then sing it again acting like opera singer Enrico Caruso and then sing it like pop star Madonna. Rehear your different performances and you did all the research you need to do.

I bet you will NOT do this simple, quick, life changing stunt. Proof me wrong and sent me the recording. If you do so you get a reward from me. At the moment it’s a top secret project I work on. Everyone who sends in a recording gets the first product for free. Sorry, no more talking about it right now. It’s very well worth a little singing ;-)


P.S. This is a challenge you win for sure if you do it. Use a recorder.

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