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Der Mühlstein

Der Mensch der den Mühlstein trägt
und niemals seine Wünsche wägt,
er läuft in einem Trott,
schmäht sich mit eignem Spot,
wünscht sehnlich sich hinfort
und bleibt doch stets gerade dort.

Das Ende dieser Leere
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Reprint: Nature’s Magic Bullet

Beware: The information in this post may have bodily impact on you.

This is a copy of the google cache of the lost shoebusters.com page.

The original page is not even on the Wayback Machine of Archive.org.

I post it here to bring this very important information back. This is the original text as it appeared in the google cache, with the following exceptions:

If you are the author of this article please contact me.

Or if you saved a copy of the original article with the pictures, please send me a copy.

There are some articles of the podiatrist Dr. William Rossi who is cited in the following text on this site of Dr. Ray McClanahan.

Get ready to get your shoes blown off and enjoy


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Nature’s Magic Bullet


It seems absurd that Nature could produce such a wonderful creature as a human being, with so many advanced and unique capabilities, but completely fail during millions of years to guard against the common conditions that fill a modern medical textbook, such as [continue reading…]


God accused of mass-murder

Reverend says in email: Mock god and he kills you.

You’ve been there too. A few days ago I got an email that was a perfect example of mastery of Extreme Evangelization Dumbness (EED). It even forced me to write this article. I cannot believe I put that much time and effort into something I shouldn’t have read in the first place. This violates my working ethics and the best use of my time and lots of other things. That’s the rationale, my intuition says “Shut up, write.” So here we go.

What is EED?

It’s something following this line of thought: “I didn’t understand anything, watched too many really bad movies,  added lots of BS and fear, mixed it up, disguised it as cleverness, tied it to a higher purpose and sent it to all my email contacts with the urge to pass it on in order to get a miracle.”

The original source of Dumbness

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“As simple as possible and as complex as necessary.” The Nib

The true meaning of:

Albert Einstein‘s “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

If you’re on the quest for personal productivity, on Getting Things Done (GTD) or thinking you’re beyond GTD then this is for you.

What is the first step?

Whatever system you use to go about your work the first step is to use the system. Or as Brian Tracy, David Allen and probably a few others say: “Always work from a list!”

If you don’t use a system, get one after you read this article. A productivity system will give you the freedom and flexibility you expect from not having one.

Without a systematic approach to your work and life you put the stress of keeping it all together on yourself instead of delegating it to a sheet of paper.

Nothing else can be delegated so cheaply.

Be well aware though, that your paper assistants job is to keep things, to give you an overview, to help you develop things, to think clearly or to fantasize. But it’s not there to do things for you. And it won’t.

Your amazing head

Oh, sure you could keep all those things in your head. [continue reading…]


“Sometimes the sole purpose of a goal is to bring you to a crossroad where you abandon it for something better.” The Nib

The lesson in a hike

A few weeks ago on a weekend hike with sleeping bag and a tarp to protect you from the elements I got a teaching in personal productivity.

On the second day around noon the group was experiencing “Oh my legs get so heavy.” At that time we were walking on a even, nice forest road. But soon a little very nice single trail branched off, leading to the top of a small mountain. Nothing spectacular but this was the goal for the tour, get up there, devour lunch while watching the outlook.

Abandoning the goal

The group decided to change plans and to follow the even gravel road to a lovely meadow some 30 minutes ahead. As I wanted to go up the mountain I first was a little bit disappointed. But realizing that it had just been my goal but not everybody’s I quickly settled that and we marched on. Yet there was a nag that I missed my goal.

Benefits of the abandoned goal

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